Over the past 20 years commercial construction has shifted to more and more to Cold Formed Steel in load bearing applications due to its light weight and high strength but bar joist/structural steel has continued to be the standard in floors. This is entirely due to CFS Trusses not offering the value they should. Archetype truss systems is designed specifically to fill the need for a lightweight, strong and economical Cold Formed Steel Truss Option in Floors and Flat Roof applications.

Cold-formed steel trusses provide enormous design flexibility that does not exist with hot-rolled heavy steel joists. Unlimited depth and spacing combinations allow a customized and engineered solution that is built around project loading and deflection criteria. In addition, end bearing conditions (top-chord, mid-chord, ledger supported, etc.) can be tailored around project-specific requirements. Conversion LOAD TABLES are to be used for basic load carrying comparison for replacement of K-Series and LH Series joists. All our t cold-formed steel trusses will be designed for actual spans, depth & loads specified by building designer and/or project Engineer-Of-Record. Individual truss designs, signed & sealed by a registered Professional Engineer, will be provided. The BLACK figures in the Load Tables represent the TOTAL uniform load carrying capacity (PLF). The RED figures represent the TOTAL uniform load to meet L/360 deflection criteria (PLF). Floor applications require 600S162-33 strong backs at approximately 10’-0” on-center. Roof applications will require a bottom chord lateral and diagonal restraint system.